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the economy and partisanship in washington but press secretary robert gibbs says republicans are exaggerating the massachusetts message. >> if republicans want to assume that the outcome of what happened in massachusetts is a big endorsement of their policies when 40% are enthust a enthustastic about them i hope they misread that election as badly as anybody could. >> the republicans say it's the obama white house that doesn't get the message voters are sending. >> what happened in massachusetts is part of an american awakening. we saw it in virginia, new jersey, we see it all over the country in tea parties, in town halls, people are alarm and angry about the spending and debt and government takeovers. >> the white house says it's eager to see if republicans are willing to work more with the president but the senate's top republican says the burden lies with the president and his fellow democrats. >> you look at the first year of this administration and we haven't made much progress. we passed a deficit, a budget that doubles the national debt in five years and triples it in ten and tried to
the washington game is after a tough election like you had last week in massachusetts is to say, well, what must we have here? some white houses in the past have had big shakeups and you decided in the obama white house to give a bigger role to david mruf. he will now take a bigger role outside of the white house and keeping a closer eye on public opinion and senate and house races across the country. there are some, david, who are saying what about inside the white house? shouldn't we have a shakeup there. this is an administration that has been too differential in crafting policy and some would say too close with wall street and not close enough with main street. do you need to shake up your inside team? >> that is part of the washington game. washington loves to throw out a body. nothing that gets washington more excited than the prospect of someone losing their job. the fact is that we have a wonderful group in the white house that is working really hard and david, as value added, we love him and off writing a book for a year and we're happy to have his talents back with us on a more regular
up with the nation about it. but i will -- that's part of the game, john, that washington plays, which is would you, might you, so on and so forth. i will not do that here. let's wait and see, first of all, if there is such a commission, because it's a proposal that has not been embraced by the congress. and let's see what a bipartisan effort to deal with these deficits will produce. by the way, if anybody has a plan to do this without raising any taxes on anybody, you know upper income or lower or below, then they should come forward with it. nobody wants to raise taxes. >> you call it the washington game, part of what you call the washington game is after a tough election like last week in massachusetts, to say what must we have here? some white houses in the past have had big shake ups. you want to give a bigger role to your partner in the obama campaign, he will take a big role outside of the white house, and keep a closer eye on the public opinion and senator races across the country. this is an administration that has been too deferential to congress in crafting policy, an
so maybe you don't have to. joining me in washington where you can find them only together on "state of the union" james carville and mary madeline. >> congratulations on your great year. all 50 states. >> thank you for being part of a great year. >> a good meal in every state. >> a couple meals in every state. don't tell the bean counters. at the very top you're hearing robert gibbs on the program earlier, a huge dust-up of whether to take khalid shaikh mohammed, other suspects from guantanamo bay and bring them to trial in a federal trial. after initially saying yes, new york city says no thank you. the administration is looking for somewhere else. do you believe, james carville, the administration will stand its ground and find a federal courthouse somewhere else in america? will there be backtracking and perhaps military commissions? >> i hope they find a federal court to try him. i'm not for trying this person as a soldier. i think he's a criminal and he ought to be tried as a criminal. interesting thing is, even when israelis caught ikeman, you know what they did? took him back
go to washington and be able to work with democrats to make health care reform a reality. only 28% wanted him to come to washington and stop everything and, again, i think, once again, the american people are far ahead of where washington is. i think we can get something done for the american people if we sit down and listen to each other and if we share dwrids and we work together on the pritorties. >> scott brown is willing to work with you, but he doesn't like the existing two bills. the president had a fascinating session on friday up in baltimore. i was in the back of the room and never seen anything like it. the president of the united states on television it was like question time in the british parliament. one thing he said was quite interesting. how he and the republicans disagree on several big issues when it comes to sweeping legislation. the president suggested maybe there is another one. . >> my hope would be that we can look at some of these component parts of what we're doing and maybe we break some of them up on different policy issues. >> was that a signal on heal
with democrats to help health care reform a reality. 28% wanted him to come to washington and stop everything. once again the american people are far ahead of where washington is. i think we can get something done for the american people if we sit down and listen to each other. if we share ideas and work together. >> scott brown said he is willing to work with you, but he does not like the two existing bills, the house and the senate version. i was in the back of the room in baltimore, and never seen anything like that. the president of the united states with in question and answer forum. the president suggests maybe there is another way instead of sweeping legislation. >> my hope would be that we can look at some of the these component parts of what we are doing and maybe break some of them up on different policy issues. >> is that a signal on health care? would the president like speaker pelosi to pass the senate bill, or does the president think, let's test the republicens, if they said they would work with us, let's break up health care? >> i don't think that we know the answer on the pro
sunday shows so maybe you don't have to. joining me now in washington where you can only find them right here together on "state of the union" james carvel and mary madeline. welcome. congratulations on the saints going to the nfc championships. >> i take back everything i ever said about reggie bush. i really apologize reggie, you were great yesterday. >>> i want to start on a serious note. i'll hold up the front page of the papers, "the new york times" this morning, every newspaper across the country dealing with haiti crisis. officials strain to dibt aid to haiti. that's the take in "the new york times." you saw the two former presidents, bill clinton and george w. bush coming together to raise money for this cause, reprise of what bill clinton and george h.w. bush did after the tsunami in south asia. we'll get to politics in a moment. assess the moment, two people who moved back to new orleans after katrina to make a statement of your own. >> one thing i want to say is the sense that katrina hit new orleans, when katrina happened, there was a lot of attention and a lot of things and
and break down the sound and the major issues. joining me in washington is cnn political krkter and democratic strategist donna brazile and the former deputy assistant secretary of state liz cheney. welcome. let's start with this debate, po both the policy and politics of the terror debate. the president came out this past week and he said i'm the president, the buck stops with me. he used an interesting term. your father, the former vice president, other conservatives have said this president has gone soft, doesn't view it as a war. the president did come out and said we are at war. were you satisfied with that? do you see from your perspective an improved obama response? >> no. i mean, i didn't think it was satisfactory. it requires more from your commander in chief than just saying we're at war. the president himself has to exercise daily, consistent, unwavering stewardship. if you look at the performance after the president of john brennan and homeland security secretary napolitano, you know, we had both of them say they were surprised that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula
in washington fran townsend, cnn national security contribu contributor and former homeland security adviser to george w. boos: rich chan ben venn niece sta of the former 9/11 commission and jeanne meserve. richard, let me begin with you. the former head of the 9/11 commission, governor kaine is basically laying the blame this morning at the president, not just because he runs the executive branch, but accuses him of being distracted. do you agree? >> far be it for me to disagree with tom kaine. i agree with him about 99% of the time. here i think he's been a little too harsh. the president doesn't oversee the day today workings of the intelligence community. but here when it appeared obvious that there has been a failure, he immediately responded, i think quite appropriately saying it was unacceptable. that he intended to get to the bottom of it, find out the specifics of what went wrong and hold people accountable and make the changes that are necessary. and i think that's quite appropriate. >> fran, you sat in the white house. you would have been involved in some of the discussions that w
news. nba star expected to meet with washington d.c. police tomorrow. he used bad judgment in taking guns into the washington wizards locking room. he spoke out after two days of reports rarping a locker room show down. the whole thing was blown out of proportion. >> i agree. that's bad judgment on my part, you know, storing them here and taking responsibility for it. if you know me, i've been here, never did anything with violence. everything i've done is funny. >> well, investigators and the nba not laf being over this, however. the league, d.c. police, and have all launched investigations into this alleged incident. a lesson in contradiction. president obama pushes for a year round full schedule until the classes are cut from the cat len dar. family ties pull strong halfway across the globe here as the americans stand up for their relative rights. we're back in a moment. stay with us.  >>> the demands have been brought to president barack obama's front doors. about 100 people rallied after the streets erupted that left eight opposition dead. they are calling on
't go back the old washington kind of routine, we're all responsible, so, therefore, no one is responsible. someone has to be held responsible. second of all, i don't think the president's action matched his rhetoric when we sent this individual to a civilian court. that person should be tried, he's an enemy combatant and he's a terrorist and if we're at war, then we certainly shouldn't be trying that individual in a court other than a military trial and to have a person be able to get lawyered up when we need that information very badly, i think, betrays or contradicts the president's view that we're at war. >> give us an assessment of your travels. there were some tensions, you promised close relations between the united states and pakistan but there are some tensions. too much attached to u.s. aid money and going over al qaeda and taliban targets. is your sense, senator lieberman, to you first, is pakistan a full partner now or are they still picking and choosing when to fight which targets to hit. >> pakistan is a full partner in the war on terrorism and i think john and
in a church. right at the vermont baptist church in washington, d.c., the president of the united states. >> our family here today. it feels like a family. thank you for making us feel that way. to pastor wheeler, first lady wheeler, thank you so much for welcoming us here today. congratulations on jordan denise, aka cornielia. michelle and i have been blessed with a new nephew this year, as well. austin lucas robinson. so maybe at the appropriate time we can make introductions. now, if jordan's father is like me, then that will be in about 30 years. that is a great blessing. michelle and malia and sasha and i are thrilled to be here today. and i know that sometimes you have to go through a little fuss to have me as a guest speaker. so, let me apologize in advance for all the fuss. we gather here on a sabbath during a time of profound difficulty for our nation and for our world. and such a time that soothes the soul to seek out the divine in the spirit of prayer. to seek solace among a community of believers. but we are not here just to ask the lord for his blessing, we aren't here just
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to breakdown the new real teas in washington. >>> and, as always, we welcome your feedback. let's go right on to the social networking site. every time you take advil liqui-gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than tylenol rapid release gels. and not only faster. stronger, too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. . >>> holding officials accountable and taking a new look at the $787 billion stimulus package. where is all of that money, your money gone, and is this massive stimulus plan working? here's what we're doing. we're previewing it on cnn. this is our stimulus head quarters. we want to know the president's biggest success so far. where all of that money went. here is our team. we're going to be looking at all of the numbers. we're preparing it for you for tomorrow. what's going on where that? not only is that on the president's agenda, health care as well. some say it's falling apart and the fed chair may be out of a job. as i walk over here to the station, we're going to be manning all of this. our stimulus desk, hundreds of anchors, produ
of washington and head to the beautiful state of utah. where john king caught up with one mayor who's looking to change the status quo by changing the local liquor laws. ♪ [ female announcer ] most people make resolutions... based on what they see on the outside. ♪ this year, focus on what's inside... and let cheerios help tackle your cholesterol. now you could win a free box to get started. >>> every week on "state of the union" john king travels to a different state. in this week's american dispatch he set his sights on utah. known for its strong mormon values. as john quickly learned, there were also those looking to shake things up. >> reporter: sunrise makes the great salt lake all the more spectacular and the bison wandering state park lands are another reminder of the wonders and rugged terrain that greeted the early explorers. mormon temple is a more modern landmark, symbol of faith and conservative thinking that often defines salt lake city's image, sometimes to the consternation of its non-mormon mayoral f becker. >> we have an enormous setting here. we live in a beautiful and n
for what happened. we cannot go to the washington routine, we are all responsible for therefore nobody is responsible. nobody has to be held responsible. and i don't think the president's action matched his rhetoric when we send this individual to a civilian court. that person should be tried as an enemy combatant and terrorists. if we are at war we should not try that individual in a court other than a military trial. to have a person be able to get lawyered up when we need that information very badly, i think betro betrays or counterdicts the president's view that we are at war. >> they are upset with drone attacks, some are, and is your sense is pakistan a full partner now or are they still picking and choosing when to fight, which targets to hit? >> pakistan is a full partner in the war on terrorism. i think john and i both felt that we have seen a really significant change in pakistan on this visit. i think they clearly understood that they, the pakistani people, are the targets of terrorism. they have suffered terribly, including, for instance, attacks at mosques, terrorists atta
problem for harry reid is still his poll numbers. we're not talking about the problem in washington. but his trouble is back home in nevada. >> you're absolutely right, randi. and just this weekend a new poll has come out that shows that harry reid is in deep jeopardy right now of losing his re-election in november. right now if you were to look at the poll numbers that were released by the mason-dixon polling research corporation, it was a poll that was published in the "las vegas review journal" shows that harry reid has a 52% disapproval rating. this is a huge number given the fact that he is the senate majority leader. he's able to deliver a lot for nevada. yet he really has irked a lot of voters in his home state. >> harry reid taking a lot of hits today from michael steele, the head of the republican party, and also from virginia governor tim kaine. let's take a listen, and we'll talk about it. >> the reality of it is this, that there is this standard where democrats feel that they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own. but if i
take care out there. donations are flowing in by the truckload in washington, d.c. diapers, clothes, batteries, hand sanitizers, you name it. all of it being collected at the haiti embassy. the drive to fill survival kits was supposed to end at 4:00 this afternoon, but six hours later people are still dropping things off. so the city has sent over dump trucks to help transport all of the donations. >>> this may be the best story that we have told you all day. >> yay! >> haitian orphans home at last with their adoptive american families. it's good news finally. but first, it's much, much more than one senate race in one state. why tuesday's election in massachusetts could impact you. you can make a positive change in your career. you can make a greater contribution to the greater good. and you can start today, by earning your degree online... at walden university. where advanced degrees advance the quality of life. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? >>> let's talk now the state of our nation. president barack obama back in washington tonight after a quick campaign trip t
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)